Family Portrait

by luciditewriting

“Um, somebody’s light feels hot.” I’m flat on my back, two flashlights pressed against my abdomen.

“Do you think she sees mine? Lyla D! Where are you?!” Dad asks.

“No, seriously, one of those flashlights hurts.”

“Oh jeez, my bad,” Annie apologizes. “Is she moving? Did she see them?”

“She went toward the back,” I laugh. “I think we’re bugging her.”

“Lyla D!!” Dad shouts in a southern accent.

“Oh! I felt a tiny foot!” Annie smiles, moving her hand up my belly.

“Are you bothering Lyla?” Mom comes in from the kitchen.

“You mean Lyla Danielle!” Dad chides, having recently learned of his namesake.

“I’m kind of upset you didn’t go with Lupe Fiasco,” Annie adds.

“Fiasco. That’s a neat word,” Mom smiles. “Michael, what’s your daughter’s name?”

“You already know, Barb.”

“I know, I just want to hear you say it again.”

“Lyla Danielle.”